Most of us have encountered personality clashes in the workplace at some point. We each have unique talents, skills, and positive attributes to share with others at work. Differences can foster creative strategies and team building, or in contrast create conflict when disparities are not handled appropriately. Business Insider comments on temperaments at work mentioning, “Conflict at work is inevitable, but some personalities are more likely to clash than others.” For effective teamwork it’s crucial to master interpersonal skills and remain adaptive to various personalities we may encounter on the job.

Business Insider shares 4 main types of personalities commonly seen in the workplace:

1. Dominant: Individuals with this type of personality tend to be more impulsive and skeptical, preferring immediate results.

2. Conscientious: Individuals who are detailed oriented and analytical.

3. Influential: People who enjoy group projects and teamwork. These individuals can be impulsive and warm.

4. Steady: Patient, meticulous, and warm people who seek harmony at work.

According to Business Insider dominant personalities tend to experience more conflict than other types, and often conflict with people who display steady behaviors. It can be challenging to work with individuals whose personality is very similar, or extremely different from your own. Yet, when co-workers come together and embrace each other’s strengths the results are astounding. Personality clashes are expected when operating in a team environment, yet the key is to remain open to new ideas and not allow differences to negatively impact employee relations. Effective results are often a collaboration of many great minds working together aside to their differences. Some personalities can be tougher to deal with than others, but with patience, understanding, and cooperation in part of employees optimal teamwork can be accomplished.