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Midwest Staffing Group is locally owned and operated in the Twin Cities since 1990 with an expansion to Fargo, ND in 2022.. Our dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and our intimate knowledge of the employment market has allowed us to bring our clients a more effective staffing and recruiting solution. Strong relationships with our employees and the companies we work with has allowed us to attract and bring top talent to great companies for over 30 years.


Diversity Statement

At Midwest Staffing Group, our employees and clients are an extension of us. We maintain a culture that understands, accepts and values the differences between people. We believe that embracing individuality is beneficial to everyone. Our commitment is to help our employees and clients grow by staying true to our values. We are dedicated to welcoming and celebrating diversity and inclusion in our workplace and yours.

Employee Successes

Our employees are a huge part of our success at Midwest Staffing. We love to celebrate their accomplishments!

Take a look at some of our recent employee highlights!

Our Employee Successes 

Brong Lee

Client Quote: I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for Brong Lee and their outstanding work performance. Brong consistently goes above and beyond expectations, demonstrating exceptional dedication, professionalism, and expertise in everything they do. Their positive attitude, willingness to collaborate, and unwavering commitment to excellence make them an invaluable asset to our team. Whether it’s tackling challenging projects, providing guidance to other contractors, or simply lending a helping hand, Brong consistently exceeds expectations and makes a significant impact on our workplace. Thank you, Brong, for your outstanding work ethic, your dedication to excellence, and your unwavering commitment to our Vivacity Tech PBC’s success. Your contributions do not go unnoticed, and we are truly grateful to have you as part of our team. Keep up the phenomenal work!

Albright Onsongo

Client Quote: Albright has been training at Apex International as a Product Transfer Operator for a couple of months now and he has shown that he is a valuable asset to the Compounding department. He performs the tasks he is assigned and is eager to learn and progress in his role. He is always on time and is always busy, even asking for more tasks once he completes whatever he is working on. I look forward to having Albright being on 3rd shift once his training is complete.

~ Emrah Oruc, Compounding Supervisor

Jose DeSantiago

Client Quote: Jose has been a phenomenal team member, and we are grateful for sharing his many strengths and inspirational character. We would like to sincerely thank him for his efforts and dedication and are excited for his future here at TBG. We feel that him being awarded as Midwest’s Employee of the Month is well deserved!


Karleidys Lara

Client Quote: Karleidys is always on time, works hard, and her attention to detail is very good. She also has a great attitude. Thank you!!


Abdi Dahir

Client Quote: Abdi is a great worker. He always does what he is asked without any complaints. He is a good listener, always happy, here on time, and if he needs time off, he let’s me know ahead of time. If I could have twenty Abdi’s I would hire them all.  


Teng Lee

Client Quote: Teng is fantastic to work with. He is certainly the most consistent and dependable member of my team! In the three months that I have managed the program he has not ever been late, and always brings a good attitude. Everyone on the team enjoys working with Teng, because he is knowledgeable, and always keeps work fun. Teng is quick to learn and has great attention to detail, ensuring that assembly on units is always done perfectly.

~ Grant – Manager  

Teng is highly dependable, productive with outstanding quality of work. Great attitude.

~ Michael – Director, Warehousing Operations

Joel Quintus

Client Quote: Joel has been with us for 5 months.  From day one Joel has always had a great can-do approach to whatever task he is given, and he always does it with a smile on his face.  His work ethic is top notch, he is always on task; he gets his job done, then asks for another.  His consistent positive attitude is very refreshing.  All in all, Joel has been an outstanding employee, and I am looking forward to working with him moving forward.

Anthony Kirby

Client Quote: Anthony is a great example of the type of employee we want working at Reviva. His attendance and performance is outstanding. He is always willing to take feedback and learn, while always having a positive attitude. He picked up the job very quickly and has been a very positive addition to our team.

~ Long Block Supervisor

Edwin Fahnbulleh

Client Quote:Edwin has been working out very well. He is a very smart individual who has been picking up assignments quickly and has presented a good attitude around the shop. We are happy to have him here in the Fab Shop.

Maria Reyes

Client Quote: Maria is a hard worker and fast learner. She always has her job done and she is very flexible.
~ Dina

Chan Sisomphane

Client Quote:Chan is always ready to work, he is always on time, and he even works overtime when it is available. I am so glad to have him working with my team.

Teresa Valdez

Client Quote: Teresa has been working at Birchwood since August 30, 2022. Teresa has excellent attendance and is a pleasure to work with.   She has a positive attitude and is a hard worker.  

Thank you to Teresa for all the work you do for us!

Hortencia Martinez

Client Quote: Hortencia is one of the employees who makes this business great! Because of employees like you, our company’s future is bright!

Mai Thao

Client Quote: Mai Thao is a highly motivated self-starter and a team player. She’s also a good worker and has good knowledge. Her duties include counting, stocking inventories, and picking materials. She’s very good at verifying and filling work orders to ensure that materials have been received and that material is as ordered and not damaged or defective. She has positive attitude and a strong work ethic within the warehouse. She performs all work in accordance with safety standards and follows all safety policies, rules, and procedures.

Rob Fielbelkorn

Client Quote: Rob is a very respectful hard worker. He is always here on time ready to do his job and does it well!

~ Bruce Eidahl

Sokunthea Nguon

Client Quote: We are happy to select Sokunthea Nguon for employee of the month. She is a solid employee all around. She has an excellent attitude and is focused. After a short period of time she is on her way to meet and exceed expectations. We are lucky to have her as part of our team. 

— Scott 

Araceli Garcia

Thank you for being a wonderful addition to our team! It is awesome employees like you who make us who we are!

Client Quote:  Araceli has taken on so many new responsibilities and is willing to learn more when asked. She has not had any unexcused absence since she has started and works overtime to help with daily audits to be completed. Araceli not only plays a big part for our full-time leads in helping with documentation, reports and audits, but she also helps temp employees with training and translating. She is always smiling and making people laugh. Opportunity Partners is very lucky to have her on the team.

Anderson Villatoro

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to doing an excellent job every day, and for always going above and beyond!

Client Quote:  Anderson’s knowledge and experience over the past years has helped out many of our leads to reduce training time. He helps train new temps and staff on equipment used for jobs in the department. He shows up every day and stays late when urgent jobs need to be completed. He is tool savvy, and helps the team leads fix machines if they need troubleshooting. He is very positive when at work and is willing to help out if he sees someone struggling. He is also someone we are very lucky to have.

Amrita Beharry

Hired permanently by client in October 2022! Congratulations!

Client Quote:  Amrita has been a great contributor and team member since starting on contract with APL in July 2022. Amrita has been very versatile and willing to help the team where needed in Production, including at the bottling line, earplug counters, blister sealing, and hand packaging areas. Amrita has also displayed her commitment to our team and customers through her great attendance, as well as her strong attention to details and quality. The APL team was pleased to welcome Amrita as a full time APL team member in October 2022.

Tomas Arredondo

Representing Midwest Staffing with hard work and dedication, Thank You!

Client Quote:  Tomas is an amazing employee to work with, he always come with a positive can-do attitude and a big smile on his face.  Tomas goes above and beyond and is always willing to learn something new to help wherever help is needed, he is always willing to help others.  He is easy to get along with and work with you can count on him anytime, he makes the most out of everything and keeps people smiling. It is a pleasure to have him working with us. 


Zaw Mine

Thank you for being a wonderful Team Player and Representing Midwest in a Positive Way!

Client Quote:  Zaw has a good attitude! We are able to move Zaw in to other positions that we need help with and he never complains and always follow direction. His attendance is great. All around he is a great team player.

Jeffrey Robbins

Successfully Representing Midwest Staffing

Client Quote: Jeff has worked in the shipping department at The Bernard Group for roughly 2 months. Jeff’s role was packaging and processing orders through our system and called for him to work independently.  He has shown that he is a fast learner, detail oriented, can work by himself, and asks all the right questions when he sees an issue. We have been trying to fill this position for several months now and we hadn’t come across the right person for this role. The thing that solidified me hiring him was his willingness to help the rest of the team when his work was done for the day. Jeff has a good attitude, a great personality and fits in well with the rest of the team. We look forward to watching Jeff grow at The Bernard Group. 

David Walton

Representing Midwest Staffing with hard work and dedication Thank You!

Client Quote: David is always giving his all and extremely open to learning new things. He is a great worker, and we are happy to have him! 


Jair Valerdi Cuate

Thank You for being an Outstanding Employee!

Client Quote: Jair is a very stellar employee, very dedicated, always reports on time and he’s detailed orientated. As our workloads have increased and the demand of products are not going away, we are very fortunate to have Jair on the team to maintain the production that is needed. He also obtains a positive vibe within the plant and his co-workers. 


Ronell Dobbins

Hired by our client in
July of 2022!

Client Quote: Ronnell has been working for Midwest since 2019.  He has always been an exemplary employee.  He is prompt, works hard and clients always have something good to say about him.  He is a professional, positive and a great coworker.  We are very fortunate to have Ronnell as an employee, representing Midwest Staffing Group.


Trokon Gbarlah

Hired as A Permanent Employee at our Client on 9/17/2021

Client Quote: Trokon is a great cultural fit for our team! He works hard, is very dependable, and nice.  We are glad to have him as part of our 2nd shift.  He always has a positive attitude, and happy to help the crew achieve its goals.  Whether it’s doing overtime or working on a more difficult task, he always puts his best foot forward!


Georgi Georgiev

Successfully working with Midwest Staffing at one of our clients for over 15 years! Thank you for your dedication and success!

Client Quote: Over his time with us, Georgi has solidified himself as a core member of our team. He is someone who all employees quickly learn the can trust and depend on. His work ethic is second to none and he continuously strives for improvement in his area of expertise working successfully, daily, with little to no oversight. Georgi is a team player in every aspect and I am thankful every day to get to work with him.  


Phaengsy Khamvan

Successfully working with Midwest Staffing and making our clients happy! Thank You Phaengsy!

Client Quote: It is a pleasure to have Phaengsy work for us.  She always comes with a positive attitude and willing to help wherever needed.  She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and always with a smile!


Larry Homan

Hired as A Permanent Employee at our Client on 6/25/2021

Client Quote: As our workload has increased over the years the one constant that we can always count on is Larry Homan answering the call when we need help. Larry is dependable, hardworking and he truly enjoys working with sheet metal. We appreciate the quality work that Larry performs day in and day out and looks forward to having him full time with the our fabrication team!


Hemanta Gurung

Hired as A Permanent Employee at our Client on 5/23/2021

Client Quote: Hermanta has a positive attitude and works very well with others. At the same time, she seeks out others to see if they need help. She’s also very capable of tasks assigned and follows directions thoroughly. One of Hermanta’s biggest strengths is her willingness to grow because of the adjustments she’s able to make whenever there’s feedback. 


Jacob Reatiga Ramos

Successfully working with Midwest Staffing since 2014 Thank You Jacob!

Client Quote: Jacob is an exceptional employee.  He is on time, works hard and always has a great attitude.  Jacob is a vital part of the makeup of the team he is on. 


Viengkeo Phonngavong

We appreciate your hard work, many successes and dedication over the past 5 years!

Client Quote: Viengkeo is a
pleasure to have here on our team. He is always doing something 
and will do
whatever is asked of him.

Kayla Anders

Hired as A Permanent Employee at our Client on 3/26/2021

Client Quote: Kayla has become a very important member of our team. Her dependability is what I like most about her. She makes getting here, on time, a priority even when it means walking here in -20 degree weather.