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Midwest Staffing Group is locally owned and operated in the Twin Cities since 1990. Our dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and our intimate knowledge of the employment market has allowed us to bring our clients a more effective staffing and recruiting solution. Strong relationships with our employees and the companies we work with has allowed us to attract and bring top talent to great companies for over 30 years.

Diversity Statement

At Midwest Staffing Group, our employees and clients are an extension of us. We maintain a culture that understands, accepts and values the differences between people. We believe that embracing individuality is beneficial to everyone. Our commitment is to help our employees and clients grow by staying true to our values. We are dedicated to welcoming and celebrating diversity and inclusion in our workplace and yours.

Employee Successes

Our employees are a huge part of our success at Midwest Staffing. We love to celebrate their accomplishments! Take a look at some of our recent employee highlights!

Our Employee Successes 

Kayla Anders

Hired as A Permanent Employee at our Client on 3/26/2021

Client Quote: Kayla has become a very important member of our team. Her dependability is what I like most about her. She makes getting here, on time, a priority even when it means walking here in -20 degree weather.

Hemanta Gurung

Hired as A Permanent Employee at our Client on 5/23/2021

Client Quote: Hermanta has a positive attitude and works very well with others. At the same time, she seeks out others to see if they need help. She’s also very capable of tasks assigned and follows directions thoroughly. One of Hermanta’s biggest strengths is her willingness to grow because of the adjustments she’s able to make whenever there’s feedback. 


Jacob Reatiga Ramos

Successfully working with Midwest Staffing since 2014
Thank You Jacob!

Client Quote: Jacob is an exceptional employee.  He is on time, works hard and always has a great attitude.  Jacob is a vital part of the makeup of the team he is on. 


Viengkeo Phonngavong

We appreciate your hard work, many successes and dedication over the past 5 years!

Client Quote: Viengkeo is a pleasure to have here on our team. He is always doing something and will do whatever is asked of him.