Do you dread being behind the wheel for extended periods of time? Many employees and entrepreneurs find themselves driving long distances for occupational purposes. Rather than exhausting your energy complaining consider ways to make the most of your commute time. After applying a few simple strategies, you may find the drive to and from work revitalizing in ways ways never imagined! Let’s explore some do’s and don’t to keep in mind when driving long distances to work.


  1. Do check your vehicle before driving. Take a moment to make sure your vehicle in a safe condition to drive. For example, ensure the tires have appropriate air pressure, align mirrors to your liking, and check gas levels for sufficient fuel needed on the road.
  2. Don’t eat and drive.Eating foods or having drinks when driving can create a big mess! It’s no fun to have spilled coffee and pastry stains on your business attire, especially before an important meeting. Enjoy your coffee at home or in the office if possible. In any event it’s convenient to keep extra work attire in your vehicle or office.
  3. Do enjoy the ride.Consider taking a scenic route whenever possible. The extra minutes to get to work can bring about creativity and a general state of wellbeing. Changing your routine periodically can promote positive mood and inspiration.
  4. Don’t text or email.Texting and emailing while driving is simply not safe. If needed, park in a nearby shopping center and handle important messages.
  5. Do learn something new.Occupational and professional courses are available in audio formats such as CD’s that can be used in the car. It’s crucial to determine if auditory stimuli enhances focus or if it creates distraction. If audio boosts concentration you may want to look into educational courses or professional topics related to your career.
  6. Don’t listen to loud audio.Loud audio can decrease attentiveness to important driving alerts. Internal car settings and alarms can be dismissed if music or loud audio is blasting in your vehicle.
  7. Do gather your thoughts.Embracing silence allows gathering of thoughts, which comes in handy before job meetings and presentations. You can use this time to enjoy the silence and relax before starting a business workday.
  8. Don’t answer every call. Refrain from picking up the cellphone unless the matter requires immediate attention. This is not to say important calls are to be avoided. Rather, decrease driving distractions for a safe and more relaxed drive to work.
  9. Do disconnect from stressors. Putting the windows down and smelling the ocean breeze can be quite therapeutic. Perhaps your commute to work is not as enchanting, but there are other ways to have a pleasant drive. For instance, listening to classical music can decrease tension and ignite creativity. Also, keeping the vehicle clean and nicely scented (if preferred) are simple approaches to making long drives more enjoyable.

10. Don’t things for last minute. Plan your workday a day or two in advance. This allows time to explore driving routes, investigate new locations, and learn alternatives roads if needed.

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